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Puppy Art Bundle by Samba

Help Improve the Lives of Animals
For 2-month-old expressionist painter Samba, rules are meant to be broken. His work has been described as "bold," "raw", and "refreshingly uncontained" by leading critics. Explosions of colour and a rebellious spirit are what define Samba's work.

Painted on quality stock paper, these prints feature Samba's work on the front and his biography on the back, making it easy to show off to the animal-lovers in your life.

There are only 20 limited editions of his first works titled "My Paws"

What's Included?
In recognition of your gift, Samba's Puppy Art Bundle comes with a physical copy of his art mailed to you, a digital download of his art, a thank-you letter, and a video compilation of the pets at Toronto Humane Society enjoying their spring treats and toys.

Not only does your donation support the new beginnings of the puppies in our care by providing them with comfort and care, but it also supports the expansion of community support programs that help to keep more pets with their families and out of the shelter system.
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