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A tough update on Natsu

It is with great sadness that we recently made the decision to humanely euthanize Natsu. He was a sweet boy who will be greatly missed by everyone at Toronto Humane Society, including his Foster Parent, who put in over 10 long months of hard work to try and turn his life around.

Natsu had an inoperable and severe case of calcinosis cutis, a severe outcome of chronic skin allergy that had grown into an antibiotic-resistant skin infection. For the first several months he was with us, there had been little to no improvement in spite of a rigorous treatment plan put in place through consultation with specialists and our medical team. But then, in June we saw that his wounds were beginning to heal, and we even saw some hair growth in places there hadn’t been hair for a long time. We finally had hope that his happy ending was in sight, despite how long it took to get to this point.

Unfortunately, during his recheck last week it became clear that his health was quickly deteriorating. Any improvement we had seen was gone, and there were new lesions on his body, newly opened sores, and worse inflammation developing all along his neck and groin. His breathing was also becoming alarmingly laboured in comparison to before. There was no end in sight to his suffering, even while being on intense pain medication and everything else in his treatment plan. We had to say goodbye, as devastating as it was to everyone who worked with him.

It was thanks to the support of our donors that we were able to make the decision to give him a second chance 10 long months ago...and we have no regrets. And we are especially grateful to everyone who donated to this campaign specifically. Any donations made in the name of Natsu will continue to help other animals get their second chance, whether they are medically complex like Natsu, or just need shelter, food and love until they find their next home.


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